2. ごあいさつ
  3. Welcome to ”DOKOTEN”

Nori Okahata

Welcome to ”DOKOTEN”

Hello our important partners!

I am Nori Okahata of Okahata & Co., Ltd. I have two important updates on Okahata’s digital intiatives here in Japan and how we have found opportunities to grow in these initiatives.

1. DOKODEMO (Anywhere) Okahata Exhibition Website

2. Our stronger-than-ever online presence in Japan to help you penetrate the market

First, let me explain the one and only “DOKODEMO (Anywhere) Okahata Exhibition”. We are launching “DOKOTEN” (short name for the website) along with a booth at CITE Japan 2021, the Cosmetic Ingredients and Technology Exhibition in mid-May.

At DOKOTEN, we have incorporated “Q&A-like live product info (not the typical spec)” with an easy reservation system to generate “conversation opportunities” with our new customers, either meeting online or at our offices. Simply said, DOKOTEN is designed to be engaging and entertaining such that visitors want to set a meeting with us right away.


I am proud to say DOKOTEN is just one of many digital contents our teams have created since May 2020. Our digital-savvy sales teams are doing great on both digital and analog(f2f) sales activities, to keep communications up and going between our customers and our company.

In 2021, Okahata & Co. Ltd, will be your “best ever” and number one partner to distribute your innovative ideas and chemical materials to the markets in Japan, Korea, and China through our solid online and offline presences.

Here is why.

Okahata & Co. Ltd is now being recognized as one of the successful digital communicators, storytellers in the industry. Now, more than a year into the pandemic, and even in Japan where “high context” f2f communications are more valued, our sales teams are making significant business progress with less physical meetings and literally no sharing of meals (a sad part during the last 12 months, honestly).

I always believe Okahata is a doer rather than a talker. Instead of making easy excuses, we have eagerly invented ways to create high context communications through digital contents. A monthly Okahata News Letter (ONL), which I am putting my soul into, is only the starter. We have made many promotional videos on YouTube, and we even started two official business blogs, KutsuNavi from our Footwear Sector and Okahata Kosan Blog from our Chemical Sectors. I would appreciate it if you spare me a few minutes looking at our ONL for you to grasp my message and what we have done digitally so far. Please understand that all contents are for our Japanese clients at the moment.

ONL back-numbers:https://okahata.wixsite.com/oksite/onl

YouTube Channel of Okahata :https://youtube.com/channel/UC-JD8yK3PDXp0fhtwOH4JZA

Kutsu-Navi [Footwear]:https://okahata.co.jp/kutsunavi/

Okahata Kosan Blog [Chemical]:https://okahata.co.jp/blog/

Please give us more power (and support, like providing promotional “tech movies”) and let our agile and dedicated teams help you generate new and creative ways to penetrate the market with our newfound online presence.

Stay safe and let us do business creatively together!

Nori Okahata